Defending the Freedom to Own Pets


The Future of Dogs in an Animal Rights America

by Walt Hutchens


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The Purple Apron Project

Grooming Aprons and Towels embroidered with "Fight Anti-Pet Legislation. It Affects Us All"

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What to do #1: Spread the word!

The very first thing to do is contact everyone in pets and let them know what's going on. Even for a local or city law you should try for a statewide effort -- if animal rights win in one city they'll be after two or three more in the next year and the whole state at the next assembly session.

Spread the word in every way that you can -- on email lists, at club meetings (what about a mailing?), put handouts at feed stores, on pet department bulletin boards, vets' offices, groomers, write a letter to your state veterinary association (No pets = no vet clients!), post notices at dog parks, hand out flyers at dog and cat shows, ask trainers to pass them out at classes.

Brainstorm: Where can we reach people who are going to be hurt by this if it passes? Who will be the targets when it is 'improved' next year? These laws start out excluding the most vocal opponents, but every year the ARs go back to the legislature to "fine tune" or "add something we forgot." Aim to get everyone involved.

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