Defending the Freedom to Own Pets


The Future of Dogs in an Animal Rights America

by Walt Hutchens


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What to do #4: Find a state pet law list

There's a list of these state lists on this site, but there are always some we don't know about. Use Google, search Yahoo, ask on email lists. If you don't have a state list, start one. Be sure it covers all pets: Breed Specific Legislation, even "dog-law" is too narrow. But "animals" is too broad -- farm animals have their own issues and their own very effective groups. Use a name like ' This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it , or 'XX-petleg,' etc., where XX is your state two-letter postal code.

This must be an open list -- if you try to check everyone's credentials or keep the animal rights people out, you'll never get enough members to do useful work and you'll spend all your time looking under the bushes for moles. Just accept that you'll have them, don't make strategic plans or divulge anything on the list that should be a secret. (Nothing's secret on the internet anyway!) You can steal as much as you want of the description and welcome message for the main Pet-Law list, or NC-Pet-Law and VA-Pet-Law, which we also own. We suggest you either moderate the list or monitor it closely for trolls and moles.

State lists are invaluable in doing whatever isn't being done by someone else. The most important thing in almost every case is education; people come to the lists to find out what's going on. Sometimes you'll have to start from square one and educate them about animal rights. But there's no other place people can ask questions, get answers, and discuss issues. These lists also give you a place to spread the word when instant action is needed. Federations sometimes have more clout, you can't beat a good lobbyist if one is available, but there's no better way to get a hundred or a thousand suddenly scared pet owners ready to work or to get 1000 phone calls to a committee tomorrow than on a state email list.

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